For lawyers and conveyancers in the Australian Capital Territory

Once a property is registered with Homes for Homes, it continues to participate even when the property is sold, facilitating a 0.1% donation of the sale price at time of sale by subsequent homeowners. This creates a long-term donation stream. Donated funds are granted to housing associations to increase the supply of social and affordable housing, providing shelter to some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

When representing a buyer

Scan of an ACT Land Title

A buyer may purchase a property participating in Homes for Homes. A simple title search will let you know if it is. All participating Homes for Homes properties are easily identifiable. Homes for Homes recognises a property’s participation through registering a caveat over the land title prohibiting Transfer without the Caveator’s consent. The caveat will appear in Registered Encumbrances and Interests.

A property participating in Homes for Homes will be disclosed to the purchaser as a special condition in the contract of sale. By keeping the property registered with Homes for Homes, the purchaser is continuing the promise and joins a growing number of Australian homeowners making a difference to help solve one of Australia biggest social issues. When the purchaser decides to sell the property in the future, whenever that may be, 0.1% of the sale price from their sale will also be donated.

Withdrawing participation

As a voluntary initiative, the proprietor on title can withdraw a participating property at any time. Homes for Homes can only act on the instructions of the proprietor, so if your client wishes to withdraw, please instruct your client to email Homes for Homes at [email protected]. Upon receipt of request, Homes for Homes will prepare and lodge a Withdrawal of Caveat with Access Canberra. Homes for Homes will notify the proprietor when the property has ceased participation.

If the Withdrawal of Caveat is to be lodged as part of a settlement transaction, a paper Withdrawal of Caveat Form will be provided to the requesting party.