Register a home

Whether you own or rent, you can support Homes for Homes.

Do you

Do you own or rent your home

Register your property

If you have a home or land, you can support Homes for Homes by filling in the registration form below.

This form should be filled out by one of the owners of the property, or someone acting on behalf of an organisation or trust.

What you need to fill in the form:

  • Certificate of title details. These can be found on your contract of sale or on your council rates notice. But if you don’t have these handy, they can remain blank for now.
  • The full name, street address, email and phone number for all the property’s owners. Should there be more than five owners, contact Homes for Homes for assistance with this.

Once that’s done, press submit. In return a Donation Deed will be sent to you for confirmation.

What state do you wish to register a property in?

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We're sorry, Homes for Homes doesn’t operate there yet. But register your interest and we’ll be in touch when it does.