Where the money goes

Homes for Homes works to a unique model that will ensure the most positive impact, for the greatest number of people, on the largest scale possible.

Use of funds

When you donate to Homes for Homes the money is pooled with other contributions in your state or territory. Then it goes to creating what’s needed most, social and affordable housing. But while your contribution is a small fraction of your property’s value, you really cannot put a price on the benefits this will bring to our society and every single one of us in it. Never before has a social initiative had the potential to mean so much to so many as Homes for Homes has.


For the greater good

Homelessness takes its toll on mental and physical health, educational and employment prospects, resulting in greater dependence on welfare. By helping people to have a place they can call home, we create an inclusive society of which we can all feel proud.

Funded projects