The process

You could already own or be paying off a property. Then again, you may be buying a new place. Either way Homes for Homes is relying on your help.

Homes for Homes
Register with Homes for Homes

Register with Homes for Homes

It takes just five minutes to submit the form below. Upon receipt, we will send you an email with your Homes for Homes Donation Deed to print, sign and return. When you have done this, Homes for Homes will lodge a caveat over your property title. This will prompt a reminder of your promise to donate 0.1% of your property’s sale price when it comes time to sell. Thank you for wanting to help.

Registration form

What happens when you sell

You have already made the promise to donate 0.1% of your property’s sold price to Homes for Homes. Now you can follow through with that and do your bit to help end homelessness. It’s easy.

  • Disclose Homes for Homes in your Contract of Sale as a Special Condition.
  • On settlement, 0.1% of the sale price will be donated to Homes for Homes as part of the disbursement process.
  • Claim the tax deduction when you lodge your return.
What happens when you sell
What happens when you buy

What to do when you buy

If you purchase a property that is registered with Homes for Homes, it will not affect how much you pay. It also won’t require you to make a donation at the time of purchase. It simply means that the vendor who has sold the property to you promised to donate 0.1% of the sale price they received to Homes for Homes.

The caveat or administrative advice will then remain on the property title after you have taken possession. So when you sell the property in the future, you’ll be prompted to donate to Homes for Homes too.

It’s voluntary

Homes for Homes is a voluntary initiative. So if you ever wish to withdraw, just contact us on 1300 767 918 or email [email protected].