Funded projects

Homes for Homes has granted over $1.8m in funding to 21 projects across VIC, NT, Qld, NSW, WA and the ACT. These projects will provide housing for over 350 people.

Homes for Homes - Funded Projects

Kids Under Cover

$100,000 granted to provide living space and bedrooms for young people at risk of homelessness (Grant round 6, 2023).


Property Industry Foundation

$100,000 granted to create units for young single women and their children (Grant round 6, 2023).

Havelock Housing

$150,000 granted to transform a former community centre into housing for a marginalised group of women (Grant round 6, 2023).


Project Independence

$50,000 granted to develop private units for residents with intellectual disability (Grant round 6, 2023).

Coffs Harbour Support Services

Coffs Harbour Support Services to receive $40,000 repair an underutilised property for people with a disability after extensive hail damage (Grant round 5, 2022).


Housing Trust

Housing Trust to receive $40,000 support the build of units for older women and women with children (Grant round 5, 2022).

Youth Futures

Youth Futures to receive $40,000 for the build of a 6-bedroom property, to be used as short-term crisis accommodation for young people (Grant round 5, 2022).



YWCA to receive $40,000 to support the transformation of a property into apartments for older women, family violence survivors and women at risk of homelessness (Grant round 5, 2022).

YWCA Canberra

$100,000 granted to the establishment of social housing in Canberra (Grant round 3, 2021).

Outside of a Homes for Homes funded house.

Aboriginal Housing Victoria

$70,000 which will contribute to the redevelopment of an underutilised dwelling into two long-term social and affordable housing units for Aboriginal tenancies in Shepparton (Grant round 2, 2020).

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City Ventures

City Ventures in Townsville, Queensland will receive $50,300 to upgrade existing accommodation to enable young people to build their independent living skills as they re-engage in the community (Grant round 4, 2022).

Coast2Bay Housing Group

Coast2Bay Housing Group in Nambour, Queensland will receive $18,179 to increase the standard of living for 10 women over 55 who will benefit from more affordable rental costs (Grant round 4, 2022).

Community Housing Canberra (CHC)

Provision of 2 x 2 bedroom properties that will be tenanted by women who are transitioning from incarceration back into the community. Women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds as well as those with children will have priority placement in these residences. (Grant round 3, 2021)

Development of a group home to enable people with mental illness to transition from living with ageing parents, to a more independent model with 24/7 support (Grant round 2, 2020).

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Community Housing Canberra project
An apartment block.

Housing First

$120,000 granted to contribute to the redevelopment of apartments which will provide low-cost accommodation to people experiencing homelessness, as well as support programs to at-risk groups including homeless women with babies (Grant round 1, 2018).

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Havelock Housing Association

$200,000 granted to purchase a unit which will offer long-term affordable tenancies to matched pairs of older women (Grant round 1, 2018).

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Havelock Housing project funded by Homes for Homes

Venture Housing Company

Venture Housing Company in Johnston, Northern Territory will receive $70,000 to purchase and convert an existing privately rented three-bedroom property into affordable housing for low-income earners who are in housing stress in the private rental market (Grant round 4, 2022).

A render of a Women’s Property Initiatives project.

Women’s Property Initiatives

$120,000 granted to support a four-unit development. This will house women over 55 who are living in the private rental market and don’t have enough money to buy their own home (Grant round 1, 2018).

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Women’s Housing

$70,000 was granted and will contribute to the purchase of a unit that will provide affordable rental accommodation to women 55+ who have experienced domestic violence (Grant round 2, 2020).


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Inside a property for women who have experiences domestic violence.
A family sitting on the steps of their new home.

Habitat for Humanity Victoria

In 2018, $40,000 was granted to support a six-star energy rated, three-bedroom house for a family living in housing stress. In Grant round 2, 2020, a further $20,000 was granted to support another home in Habitat for Humanity’s Yea development.

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Homes for Homes encourages funding applications from both the not-for-profit and the private sector.

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