New grant round for social and affordable housing projects in the ACT and SA

New grant round for social and affordable housing projects in the ACT and SA

Homes for Homes has opened a new grant round for social and affordable housing projects today, with up to $300,000 available in the ACT and SA. This marks the seventh round of funding by Homes for Homes, and the first time funds are being granted in SA.

$200,000 is available in the ACT and $100,000 available in SA for community housing providers who can create safe, secure housing for those living on the margins.

As always, Homes for Homes will continue to take a flexible approach to the projects it supports. Any organisation that can create social and affordable housing is encouraged to apply. Housing providers can apply for funding in either the ACT or SA, or both.

This grant round was made possible thanks to the ongoing support from property donors who have registered their homes, PEXA and the broader Homes for Homes community.

Previous grant rounds have seen $1.8m in funding granted to 21 social and affordable housing projects across Vic, NT, Qld, NSW, WA and the ACT, providing housing for over 350 people. Our previous grant round (pictured) provided funds to create housing for women experiencing marginalisation, residents with intellectual disabilities and more.

Homes for Homes CEO Steven Persson said the organisation is excited to continue providing funding to new projects across the country.

“Homes for Homes is pleased to be opening our seventh grant round to help with the creation of social and affordable housing. This latest grant round extends our support to South Australia for the first time and continues support in our nation’s Capital,” Mr Persson said.

“Homes for Homes is a whole-of-community approach. The commitment of our partners and those who have registered their homes is what helps us carry out our mission of providing safe, secure housing for all. We look forward to doing this again with our new grant round.”

Applications are currently open and will close on 5pm Friday 10 November. Applications are assessed by independent advisory groups in the ACT and SA. For more information on funding and applying, visit our funding page.