Homes for Homes grants $400,000 to Vic and ACT social housing projects

Homes for Homes grants $400,000 to Vic and ACT social housing projects

Over the month of June, Homes for Homes had the exciting privilege of granting $400,000 to support four social and affordable housing projects across Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

We would like to congratulate the following successful projects:

  • $100,000 granted to Kids Under Cover (Vic) to provide living space and bedrooms for young people at risk of homelessness
  • $100,000 granted to Property Industry Foundation (Vic) to create units for young single women and their children
  • $150,000 granted to Havelock Housing (ACT) to transform a former community centre into housing for a marginalised group of women
  • $50,000 granted to Project Independence (ACT) to develop private units for residents with intellectual disability

Grant recipients were awarded their funding at events in Vic and the ACT, where guests had the opportunity to learn more about the funded projects and the Homes for Homes mission.

This is the sixth time that Homes for Homes has granted funds to social and affordable housing projects, previous grant rounds have delivered funds to Vic, NSW, Qld, WA and the ACT. This is also the first time funds have been granted specifically in the Victorian City of Casey. Homes for Homes has now granted more than $1.8 million in funds across 21 projects, providing housing for over 350 people.

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Homes for Homes’ Chief Executive Officer, Steven Persson said the grant round represents another step towards ending homelessness in Australia.

“Homes for Homes is thrilled to support four new social and affordable housing projects. This grant round will create secure housing and change the lives for those on the margins. As the housing crisis worsens, we hope to continue our mission and help create more social and affordable housing in need across Australia.”

Homes for Homes is on track to raise in excess of $1 billion by 2030, all thanks to the community getting involved and registering their properties with Homes for Homes. When you register your property, you commit to making a future donation and supporting the creation of safe, secure and affordable housing for those on the margins.

It’s easy to get involved, click here to get started or find out more about how it works!