Denman Prospect donates $1 million to Homes for Homes

Denman Prospect donates $1 million to Homes for Homes

Homes for Homes is pleased to announce that our supporters Denman Prospect and Capital Estate Developments have reached a monumental milestone in their donations to Homes for Homes, with their recent contribution tipping the total amount of donated funds to more than $1 million.

Denman Prospect, developed by Capital Estate Developments, is Australia’s first Homes for Homes suburb. It is located in Molonglo Valley, less than 15 minutes from Canberra’s CBD. Every home in Denman Prospect is registered with Homes for Homes and helps raise funds for social and affordable housing in Canberra.

The incredible $1 million amount is attributed to all blocks and homes sold in Denman Prospect since the program’s inception six years ago. This includes contributions from Capital Estate Developments from the original land sales, those from multi-unit developers selling units in their developments, donations from homeowners selling their properties and an ongoing partnership with the Canberra Raiders.

‘The funds donated from homes sold in Denman Prospect are delivered directly back to the local community,’ said Capital Estate Development’s Managing Director Stephen Byron ‘We’re pleased to be able to contribute to a social initiative that has such tangible outcomes.’

This first $1 million is the tip of the iceberg, over the next 30 years the partnership between Denman Prospect and Homes for Homes is projected to generate over $17.6 million in donations over the next 30 years.
Steven Persson, Chief Executive Office, Homes for Home commends Denman on their achievements.

‘Capital Estate Developments showed great leadership by partnering with Homes for Homes. Over the past six years, they have cultivated a strong community at Denman Prospect. The $1 million milestone is just the beginning, over the next 30 years, millions more will flow from this project. Donations will be used to create more social and affordable housing in Canberra – helping to house those who need it most. This success is all due to Capital Estate Developments, builders, developers and residents within Denman Prospect.’

With the funds from Denman Prospect, Homes for Homes has been able to support the creation of four social and affordable housing projects in Canberra, helping to house 29 people in the ACT. One of these is from Community Housing Canberra (CHC), who has used the grant funding from Homes for Homes to develop a group home that enables people with intellectual disability to transition from living with ageing parents to a more independent model with 24/7 support. They have also used the funding to provide housing for women transitioning back into the community after incarceration.

‘Homes for Homes grants have supported project financial viability for two new home developments by CHC,’ said Andrew Hannan, Chief Executive Officer, CHC. ‘The adult residents in our new group home in Page are loving independence from their ageing parents, the social connection and support from our partner, Hartley Lifecare. The parents are also relieved to know their children are being and will be well cared for into the future. Our other project is at DA stage, and we look forward to the impact it will create for women following incarceration, and their children.’

Other beneficiaries of the funds include YWCA Canberra, who will use the funds to establish dwellings for women and children experiencing domestic violence; and Havelock Housing Association, who have used the funds to purchase units as long-term affordable tenancies for older women.

Thank you to Capital Estate Developments, Canberra Raiders, builders, developers and residents of Denman Prospect for showing great leadership and cultivating a strong community of support.